Health service care-givers have been employed at my home for about the last two years. Their talents and aptitudes vary but their services are uniformly and reliably excellent. It is apparent that the training and instruction they received prior to assuming duties contributed to this good result. One of the things I greatly appreciate is their resourcefulness in finding solutions to domestic problems, as well as the speed and skill with which they pursue the work. Everything is done with thorough attention to detail and in acceptance with my personal preference. I am also grateful for continual pet care, because I have two cats that are part of my family, and who sometimes need veterinary visits or medications. This help is important. As I am elderly and not confident about driving in traffic, they do errands and transport me to shopping as well. It is a valuable and outstanding service given by caring and loyal individuals.

Darlene Coleman

Marilyn Greenberg 2

I want to thank God for sending this company to me. I was in the Center on Aging and Health, In Home Services came to my room and I was so happy because I live alone and have no family here to help me. This to me is such a blessing. The girls are so good, they are so professional in their behavior. Plus the office staff is so good they are never too busy to help in anyway they can. They make home visits and it makes me so happy to see them. To me they are special. They work together well and this is good. I really appreciate this service. I would have a very hard time. Please continue this service because it is very necessary for people like me. I cannot say enough good things about this place or personnel. Thank you very much.

Marilyn Greenberg

Our son Jeff, who had a head injury, has had In Home Services for years with In Home Care Services. We could not have asked for better service from anyone, and we have had several agencies. They are always on time (our time is always early, like 6:45A.M. And when they clean it’s like 5:45A.M). Their personnel are all trained well and care about Jeff. Their friendliness is wonderful, they relate to Jeff in a way that is always fun for him. We also have some respite care in case we have emergencies and they always have someone who can come in and take over if we (parents) are away. Their respect for us is exceptional. They are always willing to help in any way and keep his living area clean and dusted. They clean the bathroom everyday as it is an open are. We could not have asked for a better agency to help with our son. We feel very fortunate to have them!

Jeff, Norma & Tom Johnson