In Home Services has over 8 years experience in providing the Tri-Cities Home Care and Caregiving Services to clients and their families.

In Home Services is licensed by the State of Tennessee to provide non-medical personal care and home care services in Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol and the Tri-Cities Area which encompass Washington County, Unicoi County, Sullivan County, and Carter County. Got questions? We would love to hear from you, CONTACT US!

Services are provided to adults in their:
  •    Residence
  •    Assisted living facility
  •    Nursing home
  •    Hospital

We know clients would rather stay home instead of other options. We can assist with services in their residence, assisted living facility, nursing home, hospital, or any other setting they are comfortable in.

We can be your “eyes and ears: to ensure your loved one’s well being. We provide a unique combination of services to meet all your needs for Elder Care. You benefit from our expertise and the best in customer service and attention to resolve your concerns. Our staff shine like bright stars as caregivers and they seem as if they were visiting angels coming in to carry out all the task you need.

We have highly trained and qualified professional staff. The area managers will assist you with local resources, facilities, and benefits whether it be In Home Services, a facility, Home Care, Senior Health Options. You make one call to access all the help you need. We have thorough communication and follow through. You can access your loved one’s schedule online with our personal online schedule record and caregiver portal. We use the ERSP system to improve continuity of care.

We have provided over 700 local families with our services with over 8 years of experience in providing caregivers the Tri-Cities Area.

Assistance can be provided for:

 Hospice Comfort  Alzheimer’s Care  Doctor’s Visits  End of Life Care


Health service care-givers have been employed at my home for about the last two years. Their talents and aptitudes vary but their services are uniformly and reliably excellent….

– Darlene Coleman

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What makes Us Different?

(US) In Home Services

1. Caregivers are Employees

2. Provides Back Up Coverage

3. Supervises Employees and Cases

4. Provides Worker’s Compensation Coverage

5. Employers are Insured

6. Handles Payroll Taxes

7. Rates are Typically higher than others

8. Clients are billed once for service

9. Match caregivers with clients

10. Must be licensed where applicable

(THEM) Private Paid Caregivers

1. Caregivers are Independent Contractors

2. No Backup for Caregiver when Absent

3. Family must supervise Caregiver

4. No Worker’s Compensation Coverage (homeowner is responsible

5. Caregivers are not insured

6. Client and/or Caregiver are responsible for all Payroll Taxes

7. Lower Bill Rates and Higher Pay Rates then In Home Services

8. Family Chooses Caregiver

9. State License not required